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I'm a Product Owner & Product Designer based in Sydney, NSW.

I've been working with product for the past 5 years, developing or improving products and services, from strategy and research to production and web development monitoring.
I create products from people for people.

Bachelor in Graphic Design with experience in Digital Design, Interface and User Experience.
But design captivated me well before college with montages made in Photoshop 7.0 for Orkut.
My passion has always been Interface Design and Experience. Creating things from scratch, and especially for those who are starting from scratch too, is what captivates me.

After working at major advertising agencies (FCB / Brazil, ID / TBWA, Agência Tudo, and others) and serving major brands (Claro, Santander, Itaú Personnalité, Bradesco, Nestlé, Porto Seguro, and others), I decided to venture into the user experience and interface world of which I was a part but had in the vision of how big it is and how much it opens new doors.

Design is a product in constant evolution.


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