W A Y 2


UX/UI Design


Sprint in 1 week and 1 month to finish the interface design

Method & Tools

Design Sprint and Adobe XD


The project consists of a Design Sprint, resulting in a panel MVP for Way 2 customers, created in a simpler way and that is faster to understand



Transform the relationship between people and companies with energy

Way 2 is a company that transforms the relationship between people and companies with energy. They work with the essence of movement, action, life. They work with technology applied to energy management.


The challenge was to create a website with many graphics and make them easy for customers to understand, and easily accessible, leaving the most important information on the first screen.


Creating graphics easier to understand from a clean interface with hide menu making the screen focused on what is important.

What I learned

I learned to transform graphics into and easy interface, organized and interative.

What I created

User experience

I built the information flow and architecture, and with them, the low-fidelity wireframe for viewing the navigation and interaction of all pages.

User interface

I developed a modular layout using elements that are easy to resize in the responsive. I used the brand colors to make it easy to recognize. More modern elements, easy-to-understand icons and the hidden menu so you have more space for graphics. A clean and minimalist interface so as not to pollute and make it difficult for the user to understand the information.

Working in partnership with Garimpo UX