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Claro Brazil


Product Design​


10 months

Method & Tool

Scrum | Figma | Miro


The project consists of modernizing the user journey and experience in activating a phone number. An interface clear, more objective and easy to find the content, complying with the rules of Anatel (a regulatory company in Brazil).



Prepaid portal

Claro's prepaid chip activation journey was made through an HTML site that does not need to use the customer's internet. Also in response to Anatel's requests, digital identification was included to stop fraud. To complete the activation of the chip, the customer needs to take a photo of the face (selfie) and a photo of the document. For this digital identification, the SDK of a third-party company is used. The product was built without usability testing due to the short time we had for production. After launch, usability tests were carried out, and Google Analytics and Daynatrace were implemented to monitor page performance. After analyzing the results extracted from the tools, we built the improvement of the MVP launched.


Problem & Solution

The prepaid chip activation journey needed changes due to Anatel's requirements so that it has less fraud risk.
The solution was to include the digital authentication factor, such as ID photo and selfie, and also the double verification with an OTP token. The digital authentication was done by another company and the SDK was made available to be used in the journey.

floating-iphone-x-mockup-template_2x (1).png

What I've learned & created

I learned how to create and track a product end to end, including the later deployment, such as tracking metrics in Google Analytics, Dynatrace and usability testing (it was remote because of the pandemic). It was my first opportunity to work with a complete team of developers, business analysts, data analysts, PO and PMs. I improved my writing skills and learned to plan and create strategies for products.

User experience design

I designed a better user experience to the user with fewer screens, clear information and a clear user journey.

User Interface design

I designed a website using elements that are easy to resize in the responsive. I used a lightbox for a better experience and quick login and e-mail registration on the website, call-to-action buttons with vibrant colours indicating the action the user must follow, strong colours based on the brand guide, and outline icons with corners rounded to make the interface simpler, fun and shocking. I followed Claro's design system 100% and made changes using illustrations.

User journey

I created the user journey to presentation for PO, PM and stakeholders. I used Miro to create this journey and helped the business analyst create the BPM.

My role
  • User journey

  • User experience design

  • User interface design

  • Application interface design

  • Responsive design

  • User research

  • UX writing

  • Prototyping

  • Product strategy

  • Product planning

  • Development validation

  • Business strategy

  • Google Analytics analysis

  • Dynatrace analysis

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