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Cultura Inglesa


UX/UI Designer


3 weeks

Method & Tool

Kanban | Figma


The project consists of modernizing the website facilitating navigation and providing an experience like never seen before. An interface clear, more objective and easily to find the content.


People from 20 to 35 years old

See this site here.

Project built in partnership with Calma.

Cultura Inglesa Festival

The festival brings together art exhibitions, theatre and dance performances and, finally, an international pop show, all free of charge.


Problem & Solution

The challenge was to create a website with the main functionalities, a different experience and not make the content confusing and hard to find.

The solution was creating a website with a fluid experience, visible and easy-to-find buttons and a clean interface that puts the content at the centre.


What I've learned & created

I learned to create an easy interface with so much information, keep this beauty, organized and make an incredible experience.


I built the information flow and architecture, and with them, the high-fidelity wireframe for visualizing the navigation and interaction of all pages.

User interface design

I designed a website using elements that are easy to resize in the responsive. I used a lightbox for a better experience and quick login and e-mail registration on the website, call-to-action buttons with vibrant color indicating the action the user must follow, strong colours based on the brand guide, and outline icons with corners rounded to make the interface simpler, fun and shocking.

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