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UX/UI Design


4 months

Method & Tool

Kanban | Figma


The project consists of a study and design of the user experience and user interface resulting in a more attractive, strategic, interactive and accessible website redesign


People from 20 to 35 years old

You can check this project here

Project built in partnership with Folzke Agency

Your home by subscription

Housi is a startup located in São Paulo that is reinventing housing through subscription-based and fully digital apartment rentals. Housi needed to redesign the site to have more digital presence in order to attract more investors and spread the brand message by winning over potential residents.


Problem & Solution

The challenge was to create a website with various strategic information that is easy for customers to understand, keeping the most important information on the first screen.

The solution was a creation of a modular website facilitating the understanding of information, using the information architecture to organize the most important information on the first screen. The modular website was the best solution to maintain faster development, responsive design and brand identity.


What I've learned & created

I learned to create pages faster, thinking more about responsive design, creating more mobile first and understanding the limitations of development.

User experience design

I built the information flow and architecture thinking about mobile first and with it the user interface following the brand's style guide.

User interface design

I developed a layout using brand elements that are easy to resize in responsive. I used the brand's colors for easy identification, modern elements, easy-to-understand icons and the main look of the campaigns created. A clean and minimalist interface so as not to pollute and make it difficult for the user to understand the information.

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