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Hypera Pharma


UX/UI Designer


9 months

Method & Tool

Sprint | Figma


The project consists of a study and design of user experience and user interface resulting in a website redesign more attractive, strategic, interactive and modern.



You can check this project here

Working in partnership with The Good Fellas Agency

One of Brazil's largest and most diversified pharmaceutical companies

Hypera Pharma is one of Brazil's largest and most diversified pharmaceutical companies and is present in all the relevant segments of the sector. With a leadership position in several categories, it offers high-quality and safe products, continuously investing in innovation and growing sustainably, so people can live longer and better.

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Problem & Solution

The challenge was to create a website with much strategic information and make them easy for customers to understand, keeping the most important information on the first screen. The company had a website built over 10 years ago and needed to update and modernize as well.

The solution was creating a modular website making the information easier to understand, and using information architecture to organize the most important information on the first screen. A website created fluidly, with rounded corners bringing modernity, images with lots of colours, and visual elements brought from the brand to compose the most vibrant colours and backgrounds.

What I've learned & created

I learned to create pages faster, think more about responsive design, create more mobile-first and understand the development limitation.

User experience design

I built the information flow and architecture thinking on mobile first, and with them, the user interface followed the brand's style guide.​

User interface design

I developed a layout using the brand's elements that are easy to resize in the responsive. I used the brand colours to facilitate identification, modern elements, easy-to-understand icons and the main look of the campaigns created.

A clean and minimalist interface just so as not to pollute and make it difficult for the user to understand the information.

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