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UX/UI Design


2 months

Method & Tool

Kanban | Figma


The project consists of redesigning the website to deliver a better experience and interface for the users. Although, fix some bugs and improvements.



Beauty Snap

A native Brazilian digital cosmetics brand that was created with the objective of creating high-quality products, safe formulas, and fair prices and co-created with consumers.


Problem & Solution

The challenge was to redesign an e-commerce website fixing some bugs and improvements.

with a better user experience, and information architecture and guide the user through the site easily.

The solution was studying the problems, and user needs and doing research. The result was an e-commerce website with a better user experience and information architecture that guide the user through the site easily.


What I've learned & created

I learned more about information architecture for an e-commerce website that has much information and I needed to prioritize and guide the user through the website.

User experience design

I built the information flow and architecture thinking on mobile first, and with them, the user interface followed the brand's style guide.

User interface design

I developed a layout using brand elements that are easy to resize in the responsive. I used the brand colours to facilitate identification, modern elements, easy-to-understand icons and the main look of the campaigns created.

A clean and minimalist interface just so as not to pollute and make it difficult for the user to understand the information.

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