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Claro Brazil


UX/UI Design​


1 year​

Method & Tool

Scrum | Figma | Miro


The product consisted in recommend content to users from an API using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


B2B and B2C

AI and Machine Learning

At Claro, I was part of the innovation team, called Smart Content, which creates artificial intelligence and machine learning APIs that recommend videos and music.

I worked with data scientists, developers, QAs and designers.

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What I've learned & created

I learned how to work and create a product end-to-end based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, including later deployments, such as tracking metrics in Google Analytics. Developing better usability and interface for the users.


User experience design

I designed a better user experience to the user with fewer screens, clear information and a clear user journey trying to catch their attention using machine learning.

User Interface design

I designed a website using elements that are easy to resize in the responsive. I used a black background to deliver a cinema experience to the users, call-to-action buttons with vibrant colours indicating the action the user must follow and strong colours based on the brand guide. I followed Claro's design system 100% and made changes using illustrations.

Product Design

In the same team, I worked as PO creating the product roadmap and sprint planning, conducting ceremonies and prioritising tasks and bugs,

My role
  • User journey

  • User experience design

  • User interface design

  • Application interface design

  • Responsive design

  • User research

  • Prototyping

  • Product strategy

  • Product planning

  • Development validation

  • Business strategy

  • Google Analytics analysis

  • Product roadmap

  • Sprint planning

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